The ideal business has been described as one that caters to the world, rather than to a single neighborhood, city or state, selling a product that is not readily substituted or duplicated, and that people need or desire, almost regardless of the price. 

In theory that sounds like a wonderful business philosophy, especially if one were selling goods, but we have none to offer.  Unfortunately, so much of the healthcare industry is guided by this inappropriate attitude that the most important bottom line that is effected is your health.

Because we cater to ill people with devastating diseases, we have a different philosophy.  We are purveyors of healthcare, wellness and quality of life, not merchandise.  To quote Henry Ford, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.”  Sadly, the rigors of modern business tactics combined with excessive unwarranted political interference and caustic reimbursement policies and regulations have enormously contributed to the degradation of the medical profession and the fulfillment of Henry Ford’s statement.  There is sufficient profit in the healthcare business for us afford the care to our patients that is needed for their health and wellness, regardless of reimbursement conventions.  Our philosophy of healthcare can be stated by paraphrasing an often quoted saying of President John F. Kennedy, “Think not what your patient can do for you, but what you can do for your patient.”  The ultimate in healthcare is what we are about.

It is our intention to provide our patients with a quality of life that is not manipulated by profits or the delusion “that people need or desire, almost regardless of the price.”  Charles M. Schwab said it so eloquently, “For a man to carry on a successful business he must have imagination.  He must see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing.”  This is our vision of the whole thing – to provide unsurpassed excellence in medical care, with the bottom line being the patient’s health, wellness and quality of life, not the almighty dollar.

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